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Start Smart

Is Your Child Ready For Basketball?

Start Smart Basketball is a six-week instructional program that helps parents work one-on-one with their children while teaching them the basics basketball: dribbling/ball handling, shooting,
passing/catching and running/agility The program helps prepare children for organized basketball by using safe and fun equipment to teach them the basic motor skills needed to compete.

Start Smart is open to children (3-5 years old) who can attend each
session with their parent or another significant adult to prepare for organized basketball.

Each Parent-Child group will receive a Participation Kit which includes:

  • (1) Mini Basketball
  • (1) Teslon Basketball
  • (4) Cones
  • (1) Scrimmage Vest
  • (1) T-shirt


The Registration "Start Smart" is not currently available.

Lori Vandekerckhove

Assistant Director

Phone: 561-600-8985